Sanke Keg Washer & Filler Tap

  • Model:SankeFiller/WasherTap-07D03100ih
  • Shipping Weight: 2.45lbs
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse - Calif.


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For "D" type, standard USA Sanke Keg Valves. A must have for anyone that works with Sanke Beer Kegs! Allows you to WASH the inside of your kegs without removing the valve/spear. Allows you to FILL the keg without removing the valve/spear. This is possible due to the modified porting of the Tap and the added stainless steel flow control valving. Attaches to 1/2" id hose.


"IN" hose attaches at the top of the tap. "Out" attaches to the side of the tap. This is opposite of a tap in normal dispensing mode.

1. Washer

We assume you have a hot caustic solution, a sump and a recirculating pump w/ 1/2" i.d. hoses (Goodyear type is best)
Some operators also "T" into the solution "in" hose a CO2 hose. They will occasionally add some pressure to help blow out any solution that is pooling at the bottom of the keg. (CAUTION must be observed as to not overpressureize the keg).

A.   Install Cleaning tap and place keg upside down on your keg rack.
B.   Quickly turn on & off pump to flush out any reamining beverage; out hose should go to drain until empty.
C.   Make sure solution out hose is secured to your chemical sump, tank, etc.
D.   Turn on pump; Let pump circulate cleaning solution through the keg for a period of time you deem effective.
      1. See note above concerning adding air pressure. (CAUTION: DO NOT OVERPRESSURIZE CONTAINER)
E.    Stop cleaning cycle. If you have a sanitation cycle, proceed.
F.   After all cycles completed, turn keg back over (into proper dispensing position), remove tap or should the container be stored for a period of time, SLOWLY purge container with CO2 to retain a sterile environment.

2. Filler
We assume that you are working with a cleaned & sterile container.
To facilitate the elimination of foam, we recommend that there be a CO2 "T" connection to the beverage "in" hose.
To facilitate correct fill, we recommend placing the container on a scale.

  1. Ascertain pressure of beverage supply tank.
  2.  Open gas/beverage out valve. Slowly open CO2 supply to insure purging of any air from container. Close beverage out valve & pressurize container to the same pressure as the supply tank.
  3.  SLOWLY open beverage in valve. SLOWLY open gas/beverage out valve. Beverage will begin to fill the container from the bottom, dispelling gas from keg. Keep in mind that SPEED is NOT your friend as it pertains to beverage turbulance and foam.
  4. When proper qty of beverage is in container, shut of gas/beverage out valve, allow time for container to equalize pressure with supply tank and then shut off beverage in valve.  Disconnect fill valve.

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