Quick Disconnect System Manifold

  • Model:QD-Manifold
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: Made in USA

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Allows you to attach  QDs together in one manifold. You could use this as a cleaning & sanitizing hose manifold, gas distribution manifold, product distribution manifold, etc. Standard is one gas port at end, one liquid port at end, liquid ports on side.

The number of ports listed include the end ports. For example, if you need four ports out (NOT counting the in  port), order a five port manifold (5 port unit minus the in port = 4 ports out)

  • 3 to 10 ports available
  • Specify number of ports from drop down menu, shown below.
  • You can specify either gas, liquid or a combination of fittings during checkout in a message text entry box located on the checkout page

These units are made to order. Please assume 2 to 3 days production lead time before shipping.

Sntzng Manifold - 20D03113A Ball Lock - 3 Port
Sntzng Manifold - 20D03113B Ball Lock - 4 Port
Sntzng Manifold - 20D03113 Ball Lock - 5 Port
Sntzng Manifold - 20D03113C Ball Lock - 6 Port
Sntzng Manifold - 20D03108 Ball Lock - 7 Port
Sntzng Manifold - 20D03108A Ball Lock - 8 Port
Sntzng Manifold - 20D03108B Ball Lock - 9 Port
Sntzng Manifold - 20D03108C Ball Lock - 10 Port