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Cleaning & Chemicals

Chemicals, Cleaners, Lubrication

  1. You can only sanitize CLEAN equipment, Dirty equipment will always contain bacteria,
  2. Cleaners are NOT sanitizers. Whether alkali or acid, cleaners should not be used as the final procedure,
  3. Sanitizers are NOT cleaners. Sanitizers should be used ONLY as the final procedure,
  4. The more heat & the longer the contact time (dwell time),
    the better & easier the job becomes,
  5. DO NOT OVERUSE CLEANERS OR SANITIZERS! Never think "if a little is good, then a lot is better."
    Higher concentrations don't always work as well, require more water to rinse,
    can leave a residue and cake / plug up equipment,
  6. Cleaners and Sanitizers can only do their job if they come in direct contact with the soils.
    This means that all surfaces must be directly soaked or hand cleaned with the cleaners and sanitizers.
  7. ALWAYS add cleaning or sanitizing chemicals to water. NEVER add water to chemicals!


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