W-L-C Super Concentrated WINE Line Cleaner

  • Model:W-L-C-33oz-20G05111
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  • Manufactured by: National Chemicals


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Using beer line cleaners in a wine line is like looking for a $10 bill with a metal detector... you are using the wrong tools! Just as a metal detector can't find a piece of paper, beer line cleaners won't find and remove the tannins or potassium tartrate found in wine.

W-L-C removes wine molds, yeast, tannins, residues and tartrate deposits. This keeps the bouquet, clarity, color and taste true to the vision of the vintner and pleasing to the palate. At the same time Wine Line Cleaner cleans flex-hoses, faucets, parts and lines.

W-L-C is a liquid product that does not cake or harden and it mixes instantly. This nitrate free formulation is also low in phosphates and 100% biodegradable. W-L-C works with all electrical, mechanical and hand driven cleaning units.

The primary active ingredient in W-L-C is potassium hydroxide, an alkaline compound with easy rinsing qualities that is less corrosive to metal parts and fittings. We blend potassium hydroxide with a proprietary blend of surfactants and chelating agents to help the caustic loosen and suspend soil in extended run systems. At 1 ounce of W-L-C per gallon of water, a liter container makes 33 gallons of powerful, quality cleaner.

W-L-C is also great for cleaning vats, bottles and small parts used in making Wine and Mead.

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