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One bottle will last for dozens & dozens of brew sessions.

The CHI Company  anti-foaming agent is a 100% active, NON-SILICONE defoamer, using a food-grade Canola Oil base. Designed for use for food and beverage processing. It even has Kosher approval.

When comparing products from other stores: BE CAREFUL of other beer anti-foaming agents that contain silicone:
Brewers should not use silicone-containing anti-foam for unfiltered beers. The FDA allows active silicone to be used up to 10 parts-per-million (ppm) but stipulates that the silicone must be removed prior to packaging by either filtration or centrifugation.

Our Anti-Foam is biodegradable, has no phosphates and neutral pH.

Add Anti-Foam as needed (drops) prior to fermentation to prevent foam from pushing up and clogging your airlock. It can also be added during the boiling stage of brewing to prevent messy boil-overs!

The Anti-Foam will not affect the finished flavor, appearance or head retention of your beverage.

Keep container closed when not in use. Store @65-70^f. Not for use around children. Secure properly for no access by children.

Use warm. Separation may occur when stored. Shake bottle before using.


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