McCann's "Big Mac" Carbonator 220V for Export

  • Model:McCanns-BigMac-09T07114
  • Shipping Weight: 29lbs
  • Manufactured by: McCann's


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McCann's Big Mac Carbonator - 220Vac for Export

The McCann Big Mac "Ambient Temperature" Carbonator for High Usage (from 3 to 12 soda dispensers operating at one time).


  • External cooling of seltzer output is STRONGLY recommended.
  • Max Demand: High Volume Commercial Applications: up to12 soda faucets output capacity (used at the same time).
  • Storage Tank: 180 fl. oz. -  (5.3 liter)
  • Max Carbonation: 3.4 + volumes
  • 100 gallon per hour Procon Pump
  • 180psi pressure relief valve
  • Water inlet: 3/8 Male Flare
  • CO2 inlet: ¼" Male Flare
  • Carbonated Water outlet: Two 3/8" Male Flare
  • Base Dimensions: 9" by 10½ inches Height: 13"
  • Electrical: 220VAC, 50Hz, 1/3hp

Don't forget a Big Mac Fittings Kit

These units are built to order. McCann's will ship to us in 12-14 days. We will ship out the same day we receive it from McCann's.

Big Mac Purging instructions:
1. Turn off water,
2. Unplug power cord to motor,
3. Turn on CO2,
4. Dispense all water out of tank through the dispensing faucet,
5. Turn OFF gas,
6. Open pressure relief valve on top of tank, gas will escape,
7. SLOWLY turn on water to displace CO2 gas out of tank,
8. When water spurts from Pressure relief valve, close valve.  Tank is now purged of any outside mixed CO2 & air.
9. Turn on gas, turn on water, plug motor power back on.
10. Run beverage through dispensing faucet until carbonator cycles 1-3 times.

NOTE: Water should be in the 50 to 60 degree range going INTO the carbonator,  Carbed water should be in the 33 to 40 degree range when dispensed from faucet  (use of cold plate or…..) or extreme gas-out of product will occur.


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