WunderBar Register Replacement Parts

  • Model:WB-Register-Parts
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0625lbs
  • Manufactured by: WunderBar

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Ref Catalog Description
50 WBPART - 12QO8568 O-Ring, Flow Reg (syrup/water)
51 WBPART - 12QO8564 Piston, Flow Reg (syrup)
51 WBPART - 12QO8565 Piston, Flow Reg (water)
52 WBPART - 12QO8566 Cylinder, Flow Reg (syrup)
52 WBPART - 12QO8567 Cylinder, Flow Reg (water)
53 WBPART - 12QO8560 O-Ring, Flow Reg (syrup/water)
54 WBPART - 12QO8563 Spring, Flow Red (syrup/water)
55 WBPART - 12QO8562 O-Ring, Flow Reg (syrup/water)
56 WBPART - 12QO8561 Screw, Flow Red Adj (syrup/water)
57 WBPART - 12QO8559 Tube, Flow Reg Retainer (syrup/water)
58 WBPART - 12QO8558 Lock Nut, Flow Reg (syrup/water)
59 WBPART - 12QO8569 Input Module, Flow Red (#1)
60 WBPART - 12QO8570 Input Module, Flow Red (#2)


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