Wall Mount Drip Tray w/ Cooler Box

  • Model:Wall-Mount-Drip-Tray-w/-Clr-Box
  • Shipping Weight: 16lbs
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse 5 - UBC

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  • 2 to 10 Faucets available.
  • Air or Glycol cooled.

This wall mount drip trays allow you to mount your faucets & backsplash to a wall and have a cooler box in and through the wall so that your cooling air hose or glycol lines can keep your beverage cold all the way to the shanks.

You can have the Air Box extend all the way into your Cold Room behind the wall and use a Tower Cooler to force cold air into it. You can have a metal frabricator or carpenter build a box for / around it if you do not want to flush mount this.

Some notes on the WMD36-10 (most popular model):

  • The backsplash (on all models) is 14" tall
  • The width is 36" (hence the WMD36)(model # = width)
  • The Faucet spacing is 3" on center
  • The DripTray is 6-12' front to back
  • The Liquid line is 3/16"
  • The Glycol line is 3/8"

The AirBox in back is:

  • Offset 1/2" down from the dop of the backsplash.
  • 31" wide, 4"high, 5" front to back
  • The Access Tube is 3" diameter x 8" long (can be ordered longer for an added $25 - $X.xx)
WM 2 Faucet - Air WMD15-2
WM 2 Faucet - Glycol WMD15-2G
WM 3 Faucet - Air WMD15-3
WM 3 Faucet - Glycol WMD15-3G
WM 4 Faucet - Air WMD15-4
WM 4 Faucet - Glycol WMD15-4G
WM 5 Faucet - Air WMD24-5
WM 5 Faucet - Glycol WMD24-5G
WM 6 Faucet - Air WMD24-6
WM 6 Faucet - Glycol WMD24-6G
WM 8 Faucet - Air WMD30-8
WM 8 Faucet - Glycol WMD30-8G
WM 10 Faucet - Air WMD36-10
WM 10 Faucet - Glycol WMD36-10G

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