Tank Post & Dip Tube Nipple Weld-in-Place (Stainless Steel)

  • Model:TankNipple-WIP-15C07103ih
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0312lbs
  • Manufactured by: Made in USA


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Weld a Tank Plug/Post anywhere you want!

  • Fits the 19/32" A.E.B. & Cornelius Tank Plugs,
  • Will accept both straight & curved diptubes,
  • 304 stainless will not rust or corrode with normal use

What do you need to do:

  • Drill a 9/16" hole where you want your tank post / dip tube to go,
  • De-bur the hole,
  • Sanitary weld this Nipple to the mating surface

This nipple fits the following Tank Posts:

  • A.E.B./Cornelius Ball Lock Gas In Post #: 15C07115
  • A.E.B./Cornelius Ball Lock Liquid Out Post #: 15C07116
  • A.E.B./Cornelius Pin Lock Gas In Post #: 15C07106
  • A.E.B./Cornelius Pin Lock Liquid Out Post #: 15C07107

This nipple will accept the following Diptubes:

NOTE: The Angled diptube has two locator ridges just underneath the top flange. These will have to be removed or
flattened * or it will not fit into the Tank Nipple. You could also use the Straight Diptube and bend it to a similar angle.

This nipple fits the following tank post adapters:

  • Tank Adapter #: 04C03321 to 1/4" male flare thread
  • Tank Adapter #: 04C03322 to 3/8" male flare thread
  • Tank Adapter #: 04C03319 to 1/4" male pipe thread

*: Angled D.T. Locator Ridge fix

  • Get a 6mm bolt. That is almost a perfect match for the angled diptube I.D.              
  1. Insert bolt into flange end of diptube. This will help keep D.T. round in shape,
  2. Slide Weld-in-Place fitting onto tube, hold 12”+ away from end of D.T. flange,
  3. Heat the SS diptube to slight orange color at D.T. locator ridge area, with a brazing torch or….
  4. Using a Ball-Peen hammer on a bench vise or other SOLID surface, GENTLY tap on locator ridges to flatten out,
  5. When you think the locator ridges are flat, stand D.T. upright with tube resting on the 6mm bolt head.
  6. Keep Locator Flange area hot/orange - Let the Weld-in-Place fitting fall down.
  7. GENTLY tap the W.I.P. fitting down over the locator ridge area. Tap it back up/off, reheat, repeat.


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