Firestone "Challenger" Tank Post Spacer

  • Model:Firestone Pppt Spacer-15E04190ih
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0125lbs
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse - Calif.


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for the Firestone "Challenger" (no V or VI) & John Wood 85 kegs.

This fits on top of the downtube to support the legs of the poppet.
Used with "Long Leg" poppets and some other applications.

Main body: 5/8" wide, 7/16" high; - Top: 1/2" wide 
Material: Food grade white nylon.

PRODUCT NOTE: If you have an old original spacer, KEEP IT for reference. These aftermarket spacers need to filed down to original size in some applications.

If you install this spacer and things seem too tight or do not fit.... ascertain the size needed and reduce as needed. A FINE hand file or (even better....)  a Bench Grinder that takes approx. 0.07236539 seconds to size!

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