Water Filter - Selecto MF/600

  • Model:Selecto MF/600
  • Shipping Weight: 25lbs
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse 1


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Used by Pepsi in a Taco Bell but still in excellent condition. This unit is large enough to filter water for any beverage system or A WHOLE HOUSE! (contact your water works dept. and ask them what your total gallons used over the past year. You probably will only have to replace the filter once per year!) You can get replacement filters from FEEbay and many online outlets. You will need need new filters.

Rated Capacity (Gallons) 75,000
Change as Needed
Flow Rate:
7 gpm
Min./Max. Pressure:
40– 125 psi
Min./Max. Temp.:
40º– 100º F
Inlet/Outlet Size:
1/2” Barb Standard
17 Modular Fittings Available
Dimensions (W/D/H): 14/9/ 19”

• Inhibit Scale Build-Up
• Reduce Pitting of Stainless Steel Components
• Improve the Taste Ice
• Provide Safe, Clean Water for beverages


• One filter can do it all: dirt reduction and Scale Inhibition! No pre-filter required!
• The first Jumbo Sanitary Filter on the market!
• Nylon construction to withstand high pressure!
• Filter Performance Guarantee!
• Low pressure drop!
• Modular filter design for up to 50% less installation time!
• Quickly add fittings for extra filter capacity with no tools required!

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