Liqui-Box QCD-II Pepsi/Generic Connector


  • Model: BIB Connector - 15F01119ih
  • Shipping Weight: 0.187lbs


These are used to connect your syrup bags to your syrup hose.

Coke and Pepsi use different styles.
Other syrups use connectors based upon who is producing them. For example, Pepsi in your area may be the manufacturer of Dr. Pepper; the next State over it might be that the Coke plant has mfg. rights to it.....
Contact your local supplier for specifics.

Pepsi uses the following: Liqui Box QDC-II, PCS line, PCS screw-on and the new ENCORE screw-on (green).
Contact your local Pepsi bottling plant, ask for sales and ask them what BIB Connector that specific plant uses;  Though this connector generally will work

Kraft Foods uses this connector for their Crystal Light dispensers, made by Curtis.


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