Tower Extension Kits

  • Model:Tower-Extensions
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  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse 1

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Draft Tower - Extensions

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TOWER EXTENSION KIT for 3" draft towers. Allows addition of faucets to existing columns without cutting or drilling your current Tower for new shanks.

Chrome or Brass finish available.

  • Sleeve
  • Insulation
  • Drill bit
  • 3 set-screws
  • REF 1: Converts a single tower into a double
  • REF 2: Converts a single tower into a double
  • REF 3: Converts a single tower into a triple

Don't forget about the Tower Cap: Draft Tower Part - 12B03207

See Additional Extensions Pictures are examples of with and without Shank.

1 DtwrExt1woC- 11A33101 Single w/o Shank, Chrome
1 DtwrExt1woB  11A33102 Single w/o Shank, Brass
1 DtwrExt1wC  11A33104 Singe w/ Shank, Chrome
1 DtwrExt1wB 11A33103 Singe w/ Shank, Brass
2 DtwrExt2LwoSC 11A33108 Long Dual w/o Shank, Chrome
2 DtwrExt2LwoSB 11A33107 Long Dual w/o Shank, Brass
2 DtwrExt2LwSC 11A33110 Long Dual w/ Shank, Chrome
2 DtwrExt2LwSB 11A33109 Long Dual w/ Shank, Brass
3 DtwrExt2wSC 11A33106 Dual w/ two Shanks, Chrome
3 DtwrExt2wSB 11A33105 Dual w/ two Shanks, Brass


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