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Dispensing Towers

Your Premium Wines deserve their place at the bar!

With The CHI Company's certified 304 stainless dispensing systems, your customers will see your wines in a whole new way. Expand your sales of your premium wines by offering in bulk, keg quantities to wine bars &restaurants. All wine dispensing tower internal parts are 304 stainless steel or lexan; not the cheaper, sulfur infused, 303 stainless. This prevents -any- chemical reactions from occurring, thus imparting an bad flavor.

The distinctive appearances of the Wine Towers set them apart from normal draft beer towers. The customer's eye will be drawn towards them. By offering your premium wine in bulk kegs you save on glass, corks, seals, cases, etc., and the distributors love the ease of handling kegs vs. glass!

Let us know your needs. We can help you increase your exposure and sales.

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