500' 1HP Two Motor Chiller

  • Model:Glycol-Chiller-MMPP4305-PKG
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Pro-Line Glycol Power Pack, 500 ft Distance, 1 HP Compressor

Two motors & two pumps

Glycol Chillers for cooling beer & wine fermentations.They can be used with cooling plates, coils and snakes for macro bin fermentation, as well as connected to tanks via cooling jackets.

If you desire to do cold stabilization with this small chiller you will need to insulate your tanks very well and have sufficient cooling surface area in contact with the beer or wine. The maximum size insulated tank you can do cold stabilization in is 1000L. With moderate room temperatures and an insulated 1000L tank you should be able to get your wine into the low 30's.

ApprovalUL Listed
Maximum Distance To Tower500 Ft.
Second Pump & MotorIncluded
Compressor1 HP
Charge20 oz.
Pressure185 (Low) - 235 (High)
Plug TypeNEMA 6-15P
Amps (Running)11
Bath Capacity11.5 Gallons
Pump TypeGear with 1/3 HP Motor (230V)
Pump Capacity80 GPH each
Dimensions38"H x 18"W x 26"D
Weight155 lbs
Cabinet CoverNot Available


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