Black Maxx Stir Plate

  • Model:Stir-Plate-Black-Maxx
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  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse - Calif.


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The Black MAXX stir plate now has TWO TORQUE SETTINGS - high torque for 2 liters up to 5 gallons and low torque for 500 ml to 2 liters. This makes our Black MAXX stir plate the most universal stir plate on the homebrew market!

Another improvement is the addition of ALUMINUM GRADUATED DIAL FACES - this allows you to see the exact settings of the Stir Plate and record them if desired.

Designed for use with 1 to 5 gallon containers. Will easily stir a 5 gallon, high gravity beer, mead or starter!

The Black Maxx is large enough to stir up to 5 gallons. That means you could run a whole batch of beer on a stirplate, or do one monster starter. Great for High Gravity beers or mead to keep the yeast suspended.

You can't run this thing at full throttle, the motor is too powerful and will throw even the best stir bars. We have found that it will get a good stir going at about 40% power without throwing the bar and it even pulls a two inch vortex at the top surface (tested with 5 gallons of water in a 6 gallon carboy). The idea is just to keep it moving, which it does really well at 40%

Note: Due to the way Better-Bottle carboys are designed, with a very high center bottom, the Black MAXX Stir Plate will not work with Better-Bottle carboys. The stir plate works great with glass carboys, plastic carboys (water bottles) with relatively flat or slightly domed bottoms and plastic bucket type fermenters as long as the small nipple that's in the bottom of many plastic buckets is shaved off.

  • Stir Plate
  • (1) 2" stir bar
  • External 12vDC power supply

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