Cornelius AEB 15 gallon Ball Lock Keg (Refurbished)

  • Model:SVC-15gTT-60395R
  • Shipping Weight: 27lbs
  • Manufactured by: AEB-Cornelius


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15 GALLON BALL LOCK KEG REFURBISHED / New but  "Factory Refurbished"

12-1/4" W x 35-1/4" H. Metal strap handle tops.

  • Meets NSDA voluntary standards
  • Stainless steel closure with relief valve
  • Ideal for high volume applications
  • Approved by (NSF) national Sanitation Foundation
  • 130psi working pressure

Tank Post Thread Sizes used for this keg

  • Gas In: 9/16"-18 (nf-fine thread)  -  Firestone type # 15E04301
  • Liquid Out: 5/8"-18 (nf-fine thread) - Firestone type # 15E0430


  • During the manufacturing process, welding the bottom skirt to the keg body, there may be a mis-weld that requires re-welding,
  • There may be a ding in the keg body due to slipping out of the workers hands during final cleaning after production.

Either condition does not affect the performance of the keg.

NOTICE: This is an item that ships directly from the factory. CHI Company does not inspect these.
The factory does not warranty these kegs for the presence of excessive weld slag at any re-weld location.

What constitutes "excess weld slag":

  • There are several inches of slag in such a condition that makes it uncleanable, (which means) and/or
  • Weld gas bubbles exist to the point that chemical cleaning would not work, and/or
  • Weld slag approachs 1/4" thickness WITH weld gas bubbles that would make cleaning impossible.

* Situations where the user felt there was excessive slag has occured less than 10 times in the 3+ years we have been selling these. Other outfits sell these also and say nothing, but we believe in being "up front" about their condition.

Other shops sell thes kegs also. We know of no other shop that tells you about the possibility of excess slag to the point that the keg would be unusable due to unsanitary conditions.

AVAILABILITY NOTICE:  CALL FOR AVAILABILITY: There will be no refurbed kegs available until that time.


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