Liqui-Box Straight Connector

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    [BIB Connector - 12J09106Iih]
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse 1


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With this Faucet, you may dispense syrup directly from a syrup bag that uses a Liqui Box connector.
The O-Ring seal is approximately 1" in diameter.

This Connector may be used with syrup bags that do not have an internal plunger valve at its' opening (the syrup can be poured directly out of the bag).

Coke and Pepsi use different styles. Other syrups use connectors based upon who is producing them. For example, Pepsi in your area may be the manufacturer of Dr. Pepper:

Contact your local supplier for specifics.

  • Pepsi uses: Liqui Box QDC-II, PCS line, PCS screw-on.
  • Coke uses Coca Cola connectors.
  • Pepsi & Coke connectors are NOT interchangable.

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