Carbo Alert CO2 Tank Switch and Alert System

  • Model:Carbo-Alert
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: WH10 - BC2

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Carbo-Alert™ is an automatic cylinder switchover/monitoring system that keeps you up to date on the status of your customers' inventories.

With Carbo-Alert™, your customers will never have to change a cylinder again, and best of all, you'll know the status of their supply without having to stop in and check on them or them having to pick up the phone to call you.


  • Eliminates the changing-out of cylinders by the customer, which will save you service calls caused by the improper changing of cylinders.
  • Allows you to check the current status of all of your customers’ inventories by simply logging into your account.
  • Will alert you via text message or e-mail when a regular delivery is needed.
  • Will alert you again via text message or e-mail when an emergency delivery is require
  • Allows you to monitor when deliveries are made, which makes keeping track of employees easy.
  • Plugs into any existing analog phone line just like a regular phone; no extra power outlets are necessary.
  • Dials a toll-free phone number to report the status of the cylinders, so there are no extra phone charges for the customer.
  • Is simple to install--just mount the unit to a wall, connect all of the cylinders to the hoses, and then plug the unit into any regular analog phone line. No calibration is required.
  • Works with CO2, blended gas, or nitrogen cylinders up to 3000psi.
  • Does not require electrical power to operate; it only requires to be plugged into a regular analog phone line in order to report the status of the cylinders.

How Does it Work

Carbo-Alert™ automatically switches between the cylinder(s) on one side and the cylinder(s) on the other when nearly empty. The empty cylinder(s) can then be changed when it is convenient for the supplier.
This allows for an uninterrupted supply of beverage gas for the retail customer.

Carbo-Alert™ reports to our website when a cylinder gets low and needs to be changed, letting you know via text message or e-mail that a regular delivery is needed. Should both cylinders get low, you will again be alerted via text message or e-mail letting you know that an emergency delivery is required. Carbo-Alert™ also periodically calls in to our website to report the current status of the cylinders, so that you can log into your account and see who currently needs a delivery and who doesn’t. When a delivery is made, Carbo-Alert™ again reports to our website, letting you know that the customer is full again.


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