Carbo Guard CO2 Automatic Shut Off Switch

  • Model:Carbo-Guard
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: WH10 - BC2

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Do you have soda or beer pumps that like to pump out-of-control whenever a syrup bag or keg is empty?   Then the Carbo-Guard™ is for you! 
The Carbo-Guard™ will automatically stop the flow of CO2 whenever it detects an excessive flow of gas, such as from an empty syrup bag, potentially saving you thousands of dollars a year between CO2 costs and lost revenue! 

The Carbo-Guard™ is also simple to use, with the lever in the up (armed) position (as shown), the unit is armed and ready to stop a leak.  Once the Carbo-Guard™ has stopped a leak, first remedy the cause of the leak (this usually means simply replacing an empty syrup bag).  Then, flip the lever into the down (bypass) position, until your system has recharged, usually about 3-5 seconds.  If the leak was due to an empty syrup bag, you'll hear your soda pumps recharge.  Once the system is recharged again, simply flip the lever back into the up (armed) position.  Should you need to operate your system even with a leak occuring, the unit can be put into the bypass position, and gas will flow throught the unit unobstructed.


  • Stops syrup and/or beer pumps from pumping out-of-control, which wastes your CO2 supply
  • Prevents costly down-time caused from running out of CO2
  • Helps you reduce your CO2 usage/costs and manage your beverage gas supply
  • Eliminats costly service calls associated with unexpected run-outs
  • Works for both your soda and beer systems
  • Stops syrup pumps from pumping out of control
  • Stops beer pumps from pumping out of control
  • Is quickly and easily installed
  • Is non-electric
  • Helps safeguard against potentially hazardous beverage gas leaks
  • Is easy to use

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