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WunderBar Button I.D. Caps


  • Model:
  • Manufactured by: WunderBar


These snap-on caps allow the user to easily identify the product desired to dispense. There are so many caps that we did not list each cap separately.

To order caps, please do the following:

1. Write down the quantity of the cap you want and then the part number, like this:     

4-12Q08527, 2-12Q08123, X-12Q08XXX, etc.
You may want to do this on your computer's "note pad" so you can copy and paste in step #4.

  1. In the "Add to shopping cart" box shown below, enter the TOTAL NUMBER OF CAPS ORDERED.
  2. Click on "Add to shopping cart"
  3. During checkout, you will see a "Special Instructions" text entry box, which we will see on your order. PASTE YOUR LIST from your notepad INTO THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS box and then proceed with shopping or complete your purchase.


Catalog Description Color Catalog Description Color
12Q08501 7-UP - IH Green 12Q08530 A Green
12Q08502 Bloody Mary White 12Q08531 - IH B Brown
12Q08503 Coke - IH Red 12Q08532 B White
12Q08504 Cranberry - IH Red 12Q08533 C Red
12Q08505 Diet Blue 12Q08534 Cap - IH White
12Q08506 Diet Red 12Q08535 G - IH Pink
12Q08507 Diet - IH White 12Q08536 G White
12Q08508 Dr. Pepper - IH Brown 12Q08537 I White
12Q08509 Ginger Ale - IH White 12Q08538 L White
12Q08510 Grape Purple 12Q08539 L Yellow
12Q08511 Grapefruit White 12Q08541 M White
12Q08512 Lemonade - IH Pink 12Q08542 O - IH Orange
12Q08513 Lemonade - IH Yellow 12Q08543 O White
12Q08514 Lemon Yellow 12Q08544 P White
12Q08515 Mist - IH Green 12Q08545 P Yellow
12Q08516 Mtn. Dew - IH Green 12Q08546 Q White
12Q08517 Orange Orange 12Q08547 R White
12Q08518 Pepsi - IH Blue 12Q08548 RC Blue
12Q08520 Pineapple - IH Yellow 12Q08549 S White
12Q08521 Punch - IH Red 12Q08550 SQ White
12Q08522 Root Beer - IH Brown 12Q08551 - IH SS White
12Q08523 Slice White 12Q08552 T - IH Red
12Q08524 Sour White 12Q08553 T White
12Q08525 Sprite - IH Green 12Q08554 W White
12Q08526 Squirt Green 12Q08555 W Pink
12Q08527 Strawberry Red 12Q08556 Blank - IH White
12Q08528IH Tea Brown 12Q08557 D - IH White
12Q08529 Tonic - IH White      

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WunderBar Button I.D. Caps

WunderBar Button I.D. Caps

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