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Liqui-Box QCD-II Pepsi/Generic Connector


  • Model:
    [BIB Connector - 15F01119ih]
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse - Calif.


These are used to connect your syrup bags to your syrup hose.

  • Coke and Pepsi use different styles.
  • Other syrups use connectors based upon who is producing them.
  • For example, Pepsi in your area may be the manufacturer of Dr. Pepper; the next State over it might be that the Coke plant has mfg. rights to it.....

Contact your local supplier for specifics.

Pepsi uses the following: Liqui Box QDC-II, PCS line, PCS screw-on and the new ENCORE screw-on (green).
Contact your local Pepsi bottling plant, ask for sales and ask them what BIB Connector that specific plant uses;  Though this connector generally will work

Kraft Foods uses this connector for their Crystal Light dispensers, made by Curtis.

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Liqui-Box QCD-II Pepsi/Generic Connector

Liqui-Box QCD-II Pepsi/Generic Connector

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