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Soda Extracts

Make your own Soda!

Rainbow Flavors of Osage Beach, Missouri,  has been making old fashioned soda extracts for over 30 years now, and they use the finest natural and artificial ingredients in their extracts. Their extracts are so good that many brewpubs across the country use their extracts in making their on-tap root beer and other sodas.

Safety Warning

Soda Extracts include instructions for carbonating with dry champage yeast. If you bottle condition with champagne yeast, use plastic PET bottles, as glass bottles could explode, causing personal injury

Carbonating with yeast can be unreliable, and some batches may turn out flat, while others can be overcarbonated. Use our Seltzer Bottle (or a kegging system to inject carbonation) to reliably carbonate water for soda.

Check out some recipes by Gnome.


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