Free-VEnd Relay Dixie Narco Machines

  • Model:Free-Vend-Relay-Dixie-Narco
  • Shipping Weight: 0.4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Dixie Narco


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This F.V. R. works with all DN machines that are single price machines and use a relay.

Never have to pay for your soda again from the machine!
Install this relay and then all you have to do is push the selection button you want....Waa Laa....a soda comes out.

NO wiring involved,
NO re-rewiring, splicing, connecting involved.

Just unplug your vending machine from the wall power, GENTLY remove the relay (taking note of the pin positions as it comes out), Install this relay and plug in main power. Now all you selection buttons will be powered for use all the time.
When it comes time to set it back to stock standard, just put the original relay back in. No wiring to worry about.

OPERATIONAL NOTE:   This relay may or may not fix any electrical vend issue you may have. We recommend the installation of this relay ONLY to machines that are in proper working order.
Other conditions exist, other than the relay, that prevents the proper operation of vend cycle, such as the coin acceptor or the DBV.


This relay will create the condition whereby there is 110Vac power supplied to the selection buttons all the time. Shock / electrocution my occur if you touch the selection button wiring on the back of the buttons at any time main power is on.

By purchasing this relay, you also hold harmless The CHI Company, LLC, its owners and/or its employees and/or any third party suppliers for any and all damage that may occur in the use of this relay, including but not limited to: personal injury to anyone , which may include death, personal property loss, loss of real property, possessions, wages, pain & suffering or any other thing some ambulance chasing lawyer can think of.

There are no returns on this electrical item.

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