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Carbonater Draft-To-Go


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The Carbonater is a patented screw-on cap with an integrated "Pepsi-Style" ball lock fitting. Designed to fit most one and two liter soda or P.E.T bottles, the Carbonater provides a highly effective method to add and maintain carbonation in beverages for extended periods of time. Made of a special high strength plastic known only to Liquid Bread, the Carbonater can provide years of trouble free service.

What can you do with the Carbonater valve coupling?

The Carbonater provides an easy way of carbonating or preserving a carbonated beverage. All you need is a CO2 system, the Carbonater and an empty 2-liter plastic soda bottle (P.E.T. bottle).

Why should you use the Carbonater valve coupling?

The Carbonater can be used either to maintain carbonation in already carbonated beverages or to force-carbonate still beverages. This means when a 2-liter bottle of soda goes flat, you can put the fizz back into it. You can make your own flavored water for less or carbonate fruit juices or powdered drinks!

 Why should the home brewer use the Carbonater valve coupling?

For the home brewer, the Carbonater can be especially valuable. The use of two liter P.E.T. bottles can be a highly effective bottling method that can save time and add convenience. Want to keg but don't have the refrigerator space? Use the Carbonater! Want to force carbonate that new beer for the tasting tonight? Use the Carbonater! Want to take a sample of your finest brew to the tasting without taking a whole keg? Use the Carbonater. Tired of dragging a 5-gallon soda keg and everything else you need to a party or picnic, then home again? Use the Carbonater! All you need to tote are a couple of 2-liter bottles. After you're finished, the Carbonater fits in your pocket.

 How does the Carbonater valve coupling work?

The Carbonater fits on a standard 2 liter plastic soda bottle in place of the original cap. It uses a standard beverage fitting (the kind found on Pepsi style soda kegs). This allows for the purging of air, after gently filling from your tap, then injecting up to 30 psi (max), giving you a 100% CO2 head-space. This method gives you a shelf life similar to the beer remaining in your keg. To simply maintain carbonation in an already carbonated product, set your pressure at between 5 and 10 psi. To carbonate an uncarbonated beverage, set for 30 psi. For more information, please see our Carbonater instructions.


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Carbonater Draft-To-Go

Carbonater Draft-To-Go

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