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Bag In Box Hand Faucet

Starting at: $8.99

  • Model: BIB Syrup Hand Faucet
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs


Pour syrups straight from a syrup bag with our exclusive Bag in Box Hand Faucet.

Allows you to manually dispense the syrup into a glass, jug, Soda Stream bottle, Breakmate fountain syrup container or....

Standard package comes with:
1 - Hand Squeeze Dispenser Faucet
1 - Foot of hose; 5/16" I.D. BevLex 200 beverage hose
2 - Oetiker Clamps to secure hose to Connector and Squeeze Dispenser

Comes fully assembled. Just attach to your syrup box and pour to your heart's content!

Choose your Connector type and Hose length (if different from standard) using the Radio Buttons lower down on this page.





BIBCon - 15F01119

Liqui_Box QCD-II

BIBCon - 15R01101

PCS Clip-on

BIBCon - 15T07123

Coca-Cola, S/S barb

BIBCon - 15T07130

Coca-Cola, Plastic barb

BIBCon - 15R01102

PCS Screw-on & Diet

BIBCon - 15R01104

Encore Screw-on

BIBCon - 15F01116

Scholle "L"

BIBCon - 15F01118

Scholle "T"


BIBCon - Dr. Pepper


Coming Soon




Coke products ALL: 15T07123, 15T07130 - ONLY. Other fittings do NOT fit Coke bags.
The difference between these two is one has a plastic hose barb, the other is Stainless steel.
If this is for home use, plastic is ok. If for commercial use or you want a bit more strength, choose the Stainless barb.

Pepsi products: 15R01102, 15F01119, 15R01101
Pepsi DIET: 15R01102, 15F01119 (safe choice)
Pepsi products NEW style bag: 15R01104 contact local bottling plant; ask if they use ENCORE fittings

Dr. Pepper: May be bottled by Pepsi or Coke depending on your area. Contact local bottling plant for verification OR choose 15F01119 as a safe choice.

RC Cola and other 2nd tier bottlers: (safe choice) 15F01119

SAMS CLUB - ALL Generic: 15F01119

NOTE: If you don't need a hose AND you have a BIB that uses the LiquiBox QCD-II, use this connector to dispense right from the box. 12J09106

PRICE CHANGE AT CHECKOUT: The price shown above is a base price. At checkout your price will show the base price PLUS the cost of the specific connector and hose length you have chosen below. The cost of a specific connector is shown below.

NO CONNECTOR NOTICE: If you are purchasing the base unit and NOT choosing a connector (because you already have them or using for another purpose), PLEASE TELL US. During checkout, in the "Special Instructions" box, tell us that you are NOT choosing a bag connector. That way we will not think you forgot about it or missed the Radio Button and will immediately process your order.

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Now that you found a way to get the syrup out of the bag, what are you going to put the syrup into?  

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  • Model: BIB Syrup Hand Faucet
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3lbs

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Bag In Box Hand Faucet

Bag In Box Hand Faucet

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