Procon Pump Series 1 (1300)


  • Model: Procon Pump - Series 1
  • Shipping Weight: 4lbs
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse 1

Series 1 pumps have the protection of an integral inlet 100 mesh wire screen strainer that is equipped with a removable cap to allow periodic cleaning. Strainer area is 3.25 sq. inches.

Clamp-on & Bolt-on types available.


  • Capacity: 15 to 140 gph
  • Nominal speed: 1,725 rpm
  • Max. Discharge pressure: 250 psi
  • Rotation: clockwise
  • Dry weight: 2.75Lbs.
  • Strainer area: 3.25 sq. in.
  • Self-priming: 6 ft. max lift

Factory Description:
PROCON's Series 1 pumps have the protection of an integral inlet strainer. The standard strainer is a 100 mesh wire screen. It traps particles that can cause serious damage to the pump. The strainer is equipped with a removable cap to allow periodic cleaning, every 4 months under normal conditions (more frequently with hard or turbid water). The clamp-on mounting style is shown in the photo; bolt-on mounting is also available.

Note: There is an additional cost for pumps requiring Viton Seals and pumps marked with "K" (special clearances).

Shipping Note: This DOES NOT fit into a USPS SMALL flat rate box. Choose Rate A or UPS.
Please choose either "General", "Rate A" Priority Mail or UPS. We ALWAYS refund back to the actual cost of shipping.

Applications include: Carbonated water for soft drink dispensers, Espresso coffee machines, Beer cooling systems, cooling for TIG Welders, Reverse Osmosis systems, ultra-filtration systems, cooling circulation, constant temperature control, atomizing / misting systems, Automated pesticide misting systems, carwash machines, steam cleaning machines, cooling for X-Ray and medical lasers, water purification, boiler feeds, pressure booster pumps, and light hydraulic oils.

Procon - 09H02125 101E100F11BA170 BO1304X Bolt-On
Procon - 09H02124 101A050F11AA170 C01310 Clamp-On
Procon - 09H02102 101A100F11BA170 C01304X Clamp-On
Procon - 09H02134 101A100F11AA250 CO1304M250 Clamp-On
Procon - 09H02146 101B100F11BC099 C01304XH Clamp-On
Procon - 09H02176 101C100F11BC060 CN1304XH Clamp-On

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11A035F11CA250 09H02102
101D100F11BD055 09H02176
111A100F11AA 09H02134
101A100F11BA 09H02102
C01321XH 101A015F11BC*
E294 1309XHV   60psi
bolt-on type

Note: Specifications and dimensions on all series of pumps are subject to change without notice.

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Procon Series 1

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