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Simplicity Candi Syrup - 1lb

  • Model:
    [Candi Syrup - 20CSSMP-IH]
  • Manufactured by: Candi Syrup


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Simplicity is a near perfect balance of highly fermentable sugars. It is a unique clear Belgian Candi Syrup unlike anything available on the market today. Excellent for Saisons, Triples, and Golden Ale's. It is readily fermentable and creates a refreshing subtle flavor that is always on the periphery of your palate.

Some say it has a faint "citrusy" flavor and others say is has a mild honey palate. Simplicity Candi Syrup™ is much to be preferred due to it's high level of ready fermentability and subtle flavor.

  • Product of the USA
  • Contents: Beet sugar, water.
  • 1 Pound re-sealable Foil Pouch
  • SRM: 1
  • PPG: 1.032

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