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Pilsner Lager - Commercial - B800

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    [WL - Pilsner Lager - B800]
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Classic pilsner strain from the premier pilsner producer in the Czech Republic. Somewhat dry with a malty finish, this yeast is best suited for European pilsner production. We Recommend you make a yeast starter for all lagers. Because of the cold environment you will need about 4 times as much yeast to successfully ferment a lager.

If you don't have a yeast starter pitch 2-4 vials at 60-70F and cool to 48-52F within 12-18 hours. To ferment lagers like the German's and Czech's make an active starter of 2000ml per 5 gallons pitch at 45-48F and let it naturally rise to 48-52F. Hold your fermentation at 48-52F for 4-6 weeks in the primary. A diacetyl rest is recommended after the last week of fermentation. Raise to 55-58F for 3-5days and crash to 40F. It is normal if lager fermentation takes 3-4 days to show any sign of krausen.

  • Attenuation: 72-77%
  • Medium to HighFlocculation:
  • 50-55FFermentation Temp:
  • Wyeast Equivalent: 2278 Czech Pils.

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Pilsner Lager - Commercial - B800

Pilsner Lager - Commercial - B800

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