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Star Anise - 1oz


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Illicium Verum

In times past, fresh Star Anise was chewed after each meal to aid digestion and to sweeten the breath.

Used in specialty Belgian and holiday style beers, Star Anise has a flavor similar to licorice, yet is dramatically different when tasted side by side.

Use 1/2 - 1 ounce per gallon to flavor sodas or specialty beers.
Make sure not to crush this additive. Boil for 30 minutes or more to extract flavor.

Like European anise, anise star pods contain an essential oil that is mostly anethole. Their distinctive flavor is due to the presence of 1,4-cineol, also found in Chinese cinnamon.

Parts Used
The dried fruits, harvested and dried before ripening, ground before storage. Ground star anise added to baked goods protects them from spoilage by bacteria or fungi.

Typical Preparations
Added directly to cooking. Small amounts are recommended. Anise star pods are a powerful spice. The herb should be stored in a tightly sealed container in a dark, cool place. The tea is quite strong and only moderate amounts will be needed. May also be taken as a capsule or extract.

Star anise seed powder sweetens the breath and settles rumbling stomach.

Serious complications attributed to anise star pods several years ago were later found to be due to contamination of star anise teas with other medicinal herbs. The whole herb is safe for consumption by all ages, as are ground anise star pods from reliable vendors.


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Star Anise - 1oz

Star Anise - 1oz

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