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Lavender - 1/2oz


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LAVENDER - 1/2oz.


This dried aromatic herb is certified organic.
It can be used in beer, mead, and wine depending on the recipe.


Also known as
Lavandula (spp- intermedia, officinalis and angustifolia) English lavender, Broad-leaf Lavender, Grande Lavander and True Lavender

Essential oil containing borneol, camphor, geraniol, and linalool, also coumarins, caryophyllene, tannins, and other antioxidant compounds.

Parts Used

Typical Preparations
Teas, tinctures, and added to baked goods. Cosmetically it has a multitude of uses and can be included in ointments for pain and burn relief.

Lavender has been thought for centuries to enflame passions as an aphrodisiac, and is still one of the most recognized scents in the world. The German Commission E commended lavender for treating insomnia, nervous stomach, and anxiety. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia lists lavender as a treatment for flatulence, colic, and depressive headaches, and many modern herbal practitioners use the herb to treat migraines in menopause. In Spain, lavender is added to teas to treat diabetes and insulin resistance.

For best results, avoid heating the herb directly with boiling water, although a simmer is fine.

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Lavender - 1/2oz

Lavender - 1/2oz

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