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SIX different models to choose from!
We have the correct Poppet Valve for your tank!

About Poppet Valves:

"In the past when Pepsi & Coke still used them, there were 3 manufacturers of SODA TRANSFER TANKS  or "Ball / Pin Lock Kegs" in N. America.

The Tank Posts and Poppets were different to insure that interchangability was not possible between the two company's equipment.
Original Poppet Valves rested loosely within the Tank Post.

Today, there are only two manufacturers of Tanks; one in Italy, one in China. The need for different parts no longer exists.
Today's Tank Posts have an internal "ledge" where the legs of POPPET #5 rest, holding the Poppet firmly in the Post.

When choosing a Poppet Valve, it is best to use the original style Poppet Valves with your Tank Posts BUT when in doubt....
the Universal Poppets fit ALL Tank Posts.

The CHI Company still sells some of the original style Tank Posts that DO NOT have the internal "ledge".
Should you order Posts & Poppets and the Poppets are loose in the Post, THAT IS OK....you are getting original equipment that was made for your tank!

Model Product Image Item Name Price
Poppet - #1 - 15E04272ih General Beverage Short

General Beverage Short

Poppet valve for FIRESTONE an/or General Beverage kegs. These...

Poppet - #2 - 15C07105ih Poppet - Cornelius & General Beverage

Poppet - Cornelius & General Beverage


Poppet - #3 - 15E04227ih General Beverage Tall

General Beverage Tall

Poppet valve for FIRESTONE an/or General Beverage kegs that have...

Poppet - #4 - 15E04228ih Firestone - Long Leg

Firestone - Long Leg

Poppet valve for FIRESTONE kegs that have the internal plastic post...

Poppet - #5 - 15C07101ih Cornelius & A.E.B. "R" Style

Cornelius & A.E.B. "R" Style

Poppet used in A.E.B. and Cornelius "R" style tank posts. Has...

Poppet - Universal - 15G04200ih Universal Fit Poppet

Universal Fit Poppet

UNIVERSAL FIT POPPET Spring poppet valve. Fits all transfer tank (Ball...

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