Cornelius AEB 5 gallon Ball Lock Kegs (4 Pack)

  • Model:5gtt-4Pack
  • Shipping Weight: 36lbs
  • Manufactured by: Cornelius

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4-Pack of our high quality 5 gallon Ball Lock Kegs.

On 6/1/16 we acquired the last kegs from one of the last Pepsi plants that still made PreMix. These kegs are sold and shipped in 4-packs only.

  • (Old text)Cleaned by Pepsi using their automatic cleaning machinery
    (you should still clean & sanitize to your own standards before initial use).
  • (CURRENTLY) Cleaned by the CHI Company inside and out (incl. diptubes) on our cleaning machinery.
    No syrup in or outside of the kegs! -EVERYONE- else is selling DIRTY kegs... if they have any at all!
  • Pressure checked.
  • Sent pressurized for keg/seal integrity and to let you know they are good when you get them.
  • NO to MINOR Dents or Dings.
  • Stickers remain on kegs.


CATALOG # Description
BLKEG Package 4-0 Keg-Cleaned, Tested, Sent Pressurized
BLKEG Package 4-1 Add (1) 5-Piece Gasket Set/keg /keg
BLKEG Package 4-2 Add (1) 5-Piece GSet + (2) Poppet Valves /keg
BLKEG Package 4-3 Add (1) 5-Piece GSet + (2) Poppet Valves + (1) Pressure Relief Valve /keg


(old ad text 1996-2010)

We have been selling these since 1996 under our old business name of C&C Distributing to most every large homebrew supply store in the U.S A. including: More Beer (Beer, Beer & More Beer), Northern Brewer, Midwest HB Supply, Homebrew Heaven, The Brew Hut, HopTech and, since 1996, hundreds more.

Since we sold the last of Pepsi Bottling Group's kegs back in 2010, we have traveled to some of the remaining independent franchise plants to look at purchasing their kegs; only to find, basically, scrap kegs. We have sold only new kegs since.

This current batch kegs are the first ones we consider to be of high enough and equal quality of the kegs we used to sell. These are not kegs that we consider to be scrappers that others have been selling over the last several years.

Competitor notice: Some companies are advertising kegs for $199 with free shipping. Please notice that they state their kegs are "Low Profile" kegs.

That means they are -CONVERTED- PIN LOCK KEGS that are wider and lower than Ball Lock Kegs, and may not fit in all kegerators!!!! Our kegs are the real -PEPSI BALL LOCK KEGS-!

Cornelius, Spartan, nor the other 3 companies that made kegs in the past, ever made a Ball Lock "low profile" keg for Pepsi. They were ALWAYS 8-1/2"w x 25"h.


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