Vending Heater


  • Model: Vending Heater
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs


Notice: The mfg has ceased operations. There are no more heaters. We are leaving this page up for informational purposes. Discussions for the resumption of production may occur soon.

Acts as a heater in ALL enclosed spaces.....

Keep your beverages from freezing! Hardwires into your vendor's power harnes. Works with Vendo, Dixie Narco and all other vending machines. Factory instructions included.

  • 400 Watt heating element
  • Turns on at 33 degrees F (1 degree C)
  • Turns off at 37 degrees F (3 degrees C)
  • 24 inch wiring harness
  • Easily mounts upright or flat
  • Length: 13 in.  Width: 6 in.  Height: 2-1/2 in.


Many new vendors are coming from the factory with their temperature controls set in the mid 30 degree F range.

The sensor in the Vending heater turns the heater on at 33 degrees F and off at about 37 degrees F. Thus the heater and the compressor may be on at the same time (the heater can't turn off), and the vendor may frost up.

When you install a heater in a new vendor, please check its temperature settings and, if necessary, turn the temperature control / thermostat up above 38 degrees, or TURN IT OFF until Winter & freezing temperatures end.

Installation Instructions - Unplug Vendor Before Installation

  • STEP 1 (Dixie Narco and Royal Vendors) - attach terminal ends on heater to the like terminal ends on the power supply line for the evaporator motors.
  • STEP 1 (all other Vendors) - use two 3-M T taps on the power supply line for evaporator motors and attach terminal ends to the T taps.
  • STEP 2 - Check to ensure power supply is a the sensor; if not, reverse the wires at STEP 1.
  • STEP 3 - Important. Place heater in front of evaproator in the airflow as well as possible. Standing heater on edge will provide maximum heat transfer.
  • STEP 4 - VERY IMPORTANT! Hook up ground wire.

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