Sanke - 15.5g Straight Sided

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    [Sanke - 15.5g Straight Sided]
  • Shipping Weight: 33lbs
  • Manufactured by: Chico - Warehouse 3 - SVC


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15.5 gallon stainless steel Sanke beer keg.

American Sanke fitting (U.S. standard). 16"w, 23"h. May have brewery names stamped/painted on keg.   We can send to your location or directly to your machine shop for installation of a butt-end Tri-Clover fitting if used as a "topping tank", or to plasma cut off the top to use as a brewing kettle.


These kegs have been released and / or scrapped. They are intended to be used "in-house" (backroom uses) and NOT for retail / public re-use.

There may be minor dents due to normal use but no major dents to where it would affect capacity or usefulness. All chines are in a condition whereby the keg will sit upright. Assume there are scratches on the keg due to normal use.

If "Sold Out", please enter your name and email address into the Back in Stock Notification box, shown below. These are in high demand, so you will have 24 to 48 hours to place your order before they are sold out again. If they still show sold out, you will need to re-enter your info in the BiSN box.


  1. Orders totalling 200+ pounds will ship via UPS 100# class rate
  2. Orders over 400 pounds (12+ units): It is usually cheaper to ship this weight on pallet via common carrier truck. Should you decide to ship on pallet, CHOOSE STORE PICKUP. You may then schedule your trucking company for a pickup or we can quote for/to you.

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