Belgian Candi Syrup - Dark

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CandI syrup is a liquid obtained as a by-product of the candi sugar production.

1 lb foil pack keeps it fresh.

Original caramelized sugar of traditional Belgian ales.
This syrup is deep red/ black in color.
Its flavor is full of soft caramel, vanilla, plums and raisins. Highly fermentable.


Sugar Profile: Fructose: 16.34%
Sucrose: 29.84%
Glucose: 18.10%
Carbohydrates: 64.28%
Color: SRM 80 or 157 EBC
Usage: 1.031PPPG or 7.8 P
Visual and organoleptical: Free from abnormal odors, flavors and visible foreign bodies

Total: max.
500 by 10 g sugar
Yeasts: max. 50 by 10 g sugar
Moulds: max. 50 by 10 g sugar

Chemical and physical:
Dry extract:
78.50 - 80.50%
Ash: 0.80 - 1.30% 5.50 - 7.50
Syrup temp 60 F = 20700 centipoises
Syrup temp: 140 F = 394 centipoises

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