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Cacao Nibs - 4oz. - cac_1 Cacao Nibs - 4oz.

Cacao Nibs - 4oz.

CACAO NIBS - 4oz. Theobroma cacao, Cocoa beans, Cocoa pods, and Cacao Imported from Peru. Classic Chocolate flavor and Aroma. Typical use is in...


Cardamom Seed 1oz. - 2409 Cardamom Seed - 1oz.

Cardamom Seed - 1oz.

CARDAMOM SEED - 1oz. Elettaria Cardamomum Cardamom is a distinctive spice from the same family as ginger. Its flavor, which has been described as a...


Cinnamon Stick 1oz. - 2423 Cinnamon Sticks - 1oz.

Cinnamon Sticks - 1oz.

CINNAMON STICKS - 1oz. Cinnamon Sticks gives ciders, holiday ales and pumpkin beers a warm-tasting, spicy flavor and aroma. Add 1 whole stick to...


Elder Flower - 2oz. - eld_f1 Elder Flower - Dried - 2oz.

Elder Flower - Dried - 2oz.

DRIED ELDER FLOWERS - 2oz. Sambucus Nigra Dried Elderflowers are used most often in white wines to create more complexity and enhance the aroma of...


Ginger Root 1oz. - 2406 Ginger Root - 1oz.

Ginger Root - 1oz.

GINGER ROOT - 1oz. Zingiber Officinale The pungent taste of ginger is due to nonvolatile phenylpropanoid-derived companents, particularly gingerols...


Hibiscus Flower - 4oz. - hib_1 Hibiscus Flower - 4oz.

Hibiscus Flower - 4oz.

HIBISCUS FLOWER - 4oz. Hibiscus sabdariffa Hibiscus is a large ornamental, mainly tropical plant that produces impressively-sized brightly colored...


Indian Sarsaparilla 2oz - 2408 Indian Sarsaparilla - 2oz.

Indian Sarsaparilla - 2oz.

INDIAN SARSAPARILLA - 2oz. Hemidesmus Indicus The herb takes its name from the Spanich "sarza", meaning a bramble, and "parilla",...


Lavender - 1/2oz. - lav_1 Lavender - 1/2oz.

Lavender - 1/2oz.

LAVENDER - 1/2oz. Lavandula This dried aromatic herb is certified organic. It can be used in beer, mead, and wine depending on the recipe. INDUSTRY...


Lemon Peel 1oz. - 2420 Lemon Peel - 1oz.

Lemon Peel - 1oz.

LEMON PEEL - 1oz. Citrus Limon Lemon is becoming very popular in beers made for the warmer months. Add lemon flavor to your Belgian-style brews,...

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Lemon Verbena Leaf - 1oz. - l_v1 Lemon Verbena Leaf - 1oz.

Lemon Verbena Leaf - 1oz.

LEMON VERBENA LEAF - 1oz. Aloysia citriodora    Lemon verbena leaf has a lemony citrus aroma and can be used to add a lemony taste to beer. It...

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Licorice Root 2oz. - 2407 Licorice Root - 1oz.

Licorice Root - 1oz.

LICORICE ROOT - 1oz. Glycyrrhiza Glabra Do not confuse the flavor of licorice with that of anise, which is not related and is quite different when...


Mugwort - 1oz. - mug_1 Mugwort - 1oz.

Mugwort - 1oz.

MUGWORT - 1oz. Artemisia vulgaris Dried Mugwort is a very traditional spice used in the days prior to hops. Mugwort produces a sage-like aroma in...


Orange Peel - Bitter - 1oz Orange Peel - Bitter - 1oz.

Orange Peel - Bitter - 1oz.

BITTER ORANGE PEEL - 1oz. Dried bitter orange peel gives a citrusy, herbal aroma and flavor to Belgian ales. Add at the end of the boil.


Orange Peel - Sweet - 1oz - 2405 Orange Peel - Sweet - 1oz.

Orange Peel - Sweet - 1oz.

SWEET ORANGE PEEL Aurantium Dulcis Pericarpium Bitter Orange Peel lends an herbal, citrusy flavor and aroma to beers. Traditionally used in Belgian...


RoseHips - 3oz. - r_h1 Rose Hips - 3oz.

Rose Hips - 3oz.

ROSE HIPS - 3oz. Rosa canina Rose Hips are a versatile fruit/herb used in both beer and wine. Use 3 - 5 ounces for wine. For beer, add up to one...

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Star Anise 2oz. - 2424 Star Anise - 1oz.

Star Anise - 1oz.

STAR ANISE - 1oz. Illicium Verum In times past, fresh Star Anise was chewed after each meal to aid digestion and to sweeten the breath. Used in...


Vanilla Bean 1oz. - 2421 Vanilla Bean - 1oz.

Vanilla Bean - 1oz.

VANILLA BEAN - 1oz. Vanilla Tehitensis Highly valued for its flavor which is described as pure, spicy and delicate and its complex floral aroma...


Rainbow Spruce Essence Spruce Essence

Spruce Essence

SPRUCE ESSENCE Spruce Essence adds a fragrant pine aroma to holiday and spiced beers. Spruce is a traditional additive to beers prior to the days of...


Morter & Pestle - 2.5" 2-1/2" Spice Grinder - Porcelain Mortar and Pestle

2-1/2" Spice Grinder - Porcelain Mortar and Pestle

2-1/2" MORTER & PESTLE Used to grind your spices. Product FeaturesMini size - ideal for small jobsContoured bottom helps grab the herbs and...


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